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Breeders and Naming Horses

Effort, expertise and expense go into breeding foals and developing young horses. The success of its foals and young horses promotes a breeder’s business and enhances its reputation leading to future enquiries and sales.  The names given to progeny are used to promote the breeder because in some way they identify the breeder. This article…


Horse Return and Resale

Here is a common situation in private sales of horses: the buyer informs the seller that the horse is unsuitable and wants a refund; the seller flatly denies fault and refuses any refund; the buyer insists on returning the horse (sometimes even returns the horse unannounced) for the seller to resell; and the seller agrees…


Sales of Horses by Professionals to Amateurs

The recent notorious English case of Louise Briscoe against Callum Whitworth (a dressage trainer) involved the sale of a dressage horse for GBP100,000.  After reaching settlement out of court, Mrs Briscoe said that professional riders can over-sell a horse and omit disclosing information relevant to the buyer. Mrs Briscoe was a nervous amateur. The horse…