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Payments to a Horse Seller

A buyer intending to pay some money to the seller of a horse should be able to answer the question ‘Why am I making this payment?’ Clarity around the purpose should avoid a potential dispute over entitlement to the money if no agreement is ever reached to sell the horse or if the buyer has…


Buying a Horse ‘as Agent’

In a recent issue (October 2021) I wrote of riders (professional and serious amateurs) who act as agents for horse owners or buyers in the sale and purchase of horses. The article highlighted duties imposed on them by law. When representing the horse owner or a potential buyer as client, the agent owes duties to…


Legal Responsibility for Comments on Facebook Pages

On 8 September 2021, the High Court of Australia made an historic decision.  It decided that certain media organisations were ‘publishers’ and potentially liable for defamations by users of their public Facebook pages. If you operate on social media, like Facebook, or on any digital platform, whether for business, not for profit, or for just…