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Sale of a Stallion and its affect on Existing Breeders

After the sale of a stallion, what happens to a breeder who has not received the semen or right of free return (live foal guarantee) that the seller had agreed before the sale?  If the seller refers the breeder to the new owner and merrily walks away, what is the new owner of the stallion…


Seller Breeding Mare after Sale

Since writing on this topic in 2015, I have become aware of more instances of a mare (including fillies) being bred after someone has agreed to buy her. So it’s worthwhile to revisit the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller with respect to breeding a mare and flushing embryos after a sale agreement…


Bad Purchases – Blaming Advertising

Few people doubt the power of a well crafted advertisement  for the sale of a horse to attract enquiries.  Expressions like ‘bomb proof’, ‘child friendly’, ‘doesn’t put a foot wrong’, ‘easy to catch’, ‘easy to float’, ‘regrettable sale’ are used to lure buyers and are often meaningful to the less experienced horse person. These expressions…