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Casual Help – Employees or Not?

This week someone enquired about casual help and how to go about it.  The enquiry was this: “I’m away for work a few days a week, so I need someone to feed horses, clean stables and what not. I’ve found a girl, but not sure how to go about it. Could I just pay her…


Giving a Horse Away

A horse owner might be unable to care for or want the horse for personal or financial reasons. Changed circumstances can lead to the decision to find it a new home. But sometimes a horse is unsaleable due to age, fitness or in the owner’s timeframe.  As a consequence, the only course is to give…


Owners and Professional Riders

Many owners (often high net worth individuals) engage with a professional rider to train and compete a horse.  The owner’s aim will be to develop the horse’s talent, achieve competition success and increase its market value.  The horse’s performance level in training and competition is usually the metric adopted by the owner to gauge the…