Attention all Studs and Breeders! We have just created a new contract for breeding by embryo transfer.  Whether you are an owner wishing to offer your mare to breed with (for a fee) or a breeder wanting to design your own foal, this contract is a great platform to go forward on.  It takes care of the prerequisites, such as suitability of the donor and recipient mares, when payment is due to the donor mare owner and liability for veterinary costs.   With our Embryo Transfer Contract in place, the owner and breeder know where they stand and what to do, so there is no reason for either of them to think the activity is too complex from a legal point of view.   By the way, don’t forget our 2 popular breeding contracts for natural service and artificial insemination.  If you want to stand your stallion this coming season, don’t go it alone.  Give us a call to see how each of these contracts can support and protect you.  We offer to modify them free of charge if there is something special you want to include.