A lot of horse knowledge as well as expert drafting skill have gone into creating each Horseforce contract.  Not only is the text precise and clear, but all the content is highly relevant.  You don’t pay for any unnecessary words!  Underpinning each contract is, of course, the certainty that it will stand up in Court because it has been prepared by our lawyers at HorseForce Legal who know the law.

HorseForce contracts are protected by copyright law (Copyright Act 1968).  A copyright notice appears in the footer of each contract.

When you purchase a HorseForce contract, you get the right to use that contract, but Horseforce Legal retains ownership of the copyright ie what the contract says and the way it is expressed.

This means that you are not permitted to photocopy the contract, copy it by hand, dictate it onto an audio tape, scan it onto a computer, store it electronically in any retrieval system or alter or add to it in any way.

And you are not allowed to borrow any bit of the HorseForce contract to create your own contract. In other words, you are not allowed to reproduce the contract or any part of it.

The copyright notice contains a warning that breach of copyright is a serious matter. Copyright infringement occurs if you reproduce the contract or any part of it in any of the ways already described.

If you infringe HorseForce Legal’s copyright, you will be sued by HorseForce Legal and taken to court.  HorseForce Legal has taken people to court before for infringing its copyright.  A court can order a range of things, including that the infringer pay compensation and pay HorseForce Legal’s costs.

In some instances, copyright infringement can be a criminal offence. You might be charged by the Police and ordered to pay a fine up to $93,500 or, in serious cases, jailed.