Personal Information means information and data (including name, postal and email addresses and telephone number) on or about a User or Subscriber whose identity is disclosed or ascertainable from such information and data

Subscriber means someone who subscribes to the legal articles published on

User means someone who acquires the “Horse Buyer Guide” mobile app


Horseforce Pty Ltd collects Personal Information in various ways:

  • purchase of the Horseforce Buyer Guide
  • contact with Subscribers and Users online
  • contact with Subscribers and Users offline (eg by telephone or in person)
  • accessing its online resources and data bases
  • provision of products and services to Subscribers and Users


Horseforce Pty Ltd takes reasonable steps to keep Personal Information secure.  Its electronic systems work to protect that information from any unauthorised access or dealings. It cannot, however, guarantee that data transmitted over the internet is secure.  There is always a risk of access to, or interference with, information transmitted over the internet.


Horseforce Pty Ltd collects personal information to:

  • represent its Subscribers and Users
  • fulfil its contractual obligations to Apple, Google and any other platform offering the Horseforce User Guide
  • establish and manage Subscribers’ and Users’ benefits and services
  • register and maintain records of Subscribers and Users
  • establish accounts for Subscribers and Users accessing or using products, services, directories or information provided by it from a website or program operated or managed by it


Horseforce Pty Ltd will not disclose Personal information otherwise than in conformity with this Policy without the User’s consent or unless required by the laws of Australia or any jurisdiction having control or authority over Horseforce Pty Ltd


A Subscriber can unsubscribe by logging onto to the website and choosing to unsubscribe.


It is the responsibility of Subscribers and Users to inform Horseforce Pty Ltd if any Personal Information changes, so that Horseforce Pty Ltd can keep Personal Information up to date.  Subscribers and Users can contact Horseforce Pty Ltd to request access to, review of, or request corrections to, Personal Information.


Any complaint about the way Horseforce Pty Ltd manages and discloses Personal Information will be dealt with within a reasonable period after a complaint is made.

Subscribers’ and Users’ Wishes

If a Subscriber or User does not wish to provide Personal Information, Horseforce Pty Ltd may not be able to provide the products, services and benefits expected (whether paid for or not) or to engage with the Subscriber or User.