Property owners must manage the risks and potential problems when horses and people come onto their land and use their facilities. Risks like unpaid agistment fees, abandonment of a horse, an unco-operative or abusive agistee, an agistee who wants to leave without notice, stolen or damaged personal property. The list goes on.

This 3 page agistment contract manages the risks and provides the owner (agistor) with necessary rights to protect its interests. Under this contract, the owner can legally detain, impound or sell a horse to recover money owing or force the agistee to comply with the contract.

We can badge the contract with agistor’s name, business details and logo at no extra cost. We contact you once your order has been received to collect this information.

There is a version of the contract for each State and Territory.

Due to the risk of copyright infringement, we do not allow the contract to be displayed on any website or reproduced on social media.

As horse agistment is usually conducted as a business, our Waiver of Liability product is designed to exclude an agistor from liability for harm to an agistee caused by interaction with a horse for which the agistor might be culpable.  It is recommended that the Waiver of Liability is used in conjunction with the agistment contract.


Spelling is common in the racing industry.  In this situation, horse owners do not come on to the property owner’s land.  It’s important that the arrangement is documented and binding on the person organizing the spelling, usually the trainer. This contract gives the property owner legal rights over a horse for unpaid fees and limits liability for harm to any horse.


If you are a property owner who is prepared to allow someone only to graze their horse on your land, this agreement is recommended.  You are not entrusted with the horse because the horse owner remains responsible for the horse’s health and welfare.


All 3 contracts mentioned above are sold as email versions. You pay for the contract once and have ongoing use of it.