Studs and stallion owners have told us over the years that they want short, simple breeding agreements. We have listened to the market and produced 2 concise, straight forward contracts: one for Natural Service and the other for Semen Supply.

The Natural Service contract address issues in ways to protect the stud or stallion owner, such as fertility of the mare, service fee and breeding costs, vet engagement, supply of a service certificate, a free return (if offered) and its associated conditions, a lien over the mare, a right to sell the mare if monies are owed and limitation of liability.

The Semen Supply contract deals with issues relating to the amount of semen to be supplied and to whom, the risk of the semen being lost or damaged, a free return (if offered) and its associated conditions, limitation of liability and supply of a service certificate.

If you own a breeding stallion but want someone to manage the breeding side of things, the Breeding Management Contract deals with the manager’s responsibilities including taking breeder enquiries, semen collection and shipment and service certificates. The service fee is paid into the owner’s account and the manger is remunerated by either a percentage of the service fee or free semen or both.  The contract also covers the common situation where the manager is a professional who trains and competes the stallion.

On receipt of your order, we badge the contract with your business name and details before sending you a draft copy for your review.  In case you have any unusual requirements, we will work with you to make one set of changes at no extra cost.