Whether you wish to sell an embryo from your champion mare or to purchase an embryo to breed a “designer foal” this contract will help. Easy to read and comprehensive, it is an indispensable tool to manage the relations between the buyer and the seller of the embryo.

The breeder procures semen and also pays for the donor mare to be inseminated. The donor mare owner, who must pre-approve the stallion and the AI vet, has the mare flushed.  Whether or not embryos are collected, this contract takes care of the next steps in the process.

When is the donor mare owner paid? Who owns the embryo before and after removal from the donor mare?  Who is responsible for procuring a recipient mare?  What if the recipient mare loses the foal?  What if the donor mare is injured during insemination or embryo collection or removal? These questions and more are addressed by the contract.

The contract will be sent to you as a draft in case you want to add anything. Your collaboration ensures that the final contract more than matches your expectations.