Purpose of this contract – Document the arrangement between a group of owners and a rider.

Sport horse competition is exciting, but expensive.  Most riders need financial help to source good horses to train and compete, otherwise their destiny may remain unfulfilled. Riders often have a fan base prepared to buy a competitive horse or take up shares in an existing promising horse.

This Horseforce Legal Syndicate contract manages the short and long term arrangements between the owners, horse and rider. It addresses issues such as type of ownership arrangement (usually tenants in common), duration, goals, management responsibilities, budgets, vet expenses, and opting out of the arrangement. Without documenting these matters up front, unplanned for circumstances (personal or financial) can upset expectations leading to disagreement.

We offer advice and guidance through the process and tailor the contract to suit any specific requirements. Help advance the development of equestrian sport in Australia by putting talented riders on good horses!

” After deciding to seek out part-owners and syndicate a horse, we used Horseforce Legal to put our contract together and could not be happier with the service. The assurance of legal advice, as well as the prompt and reliable service was simply outstanding”.

Sam Jeffree

October 2019