Horse trainers face risks when they accept a horse for breaking in, pre-training, re-education or specialist training for show jumping, harness racing, polo and other sports.  What if the horse is fatally or seriously injured, if fees are unpaid, if a horse is abandoned, if a horse is difficult or dangerous towards the trainer, employees or other horses, if the horse owner has unrealistic expectations about a horse’s progress or what can be achieved, or if the owner wants to remove the horse before the agreed training period ends?  This 2 page contract covers these and other foreseeable risks.

The trainer has rights such as to suspend or cease training, retain and even sell a horse to recover overdue fees and to impound the horse.

Agistment of the horse is covered by the contract too.

We can badge the contract with the trainer’s name, business details and logo at no extra cost.

There is a version of the contract for each State and Territory.

Due to the risk of copyright infringement, we do not allow the contract to be displayed on any website or reproduced on social media.

As horse training is usually conducted as a business, our Waiver of Liability product is designed to exclude the trainer from liability if the horse owner rides the horse before taking it away. It is recommended that the Waiver of Liability is used in conjunction with the training contract.

This contract is supplied to you as an email version. You pay for it once and have ongoing use of it.