We define our contracts as single use paper copies or multiple use email copies.

Leasing a horse is an alternative to the sale or purchase of a horse in all sorts of circumstances.  It is a popular arrangement so we sell a lot of leases.

The lease covers all of the practical matters that crop up during the term of a lease: Up front disclosure of soundness and vices, special requirements for the horse’s care, options for managing costs including emergency veterinary treatment, liability for harm to the horse and the nominated rider, and breaches of the lease and their consequences.

The lessee is not responsible for harm to the horse unless caused by gross negligence. The lessor needs to consider obtaining insurance for the risk of harm and passing on the cost to the lessee.

The lessee rides the horse at his or her own risk.

The paper copy version of the lease contains 2 contracts so the lessor and lessee can each keep an original signed copy. Information about the parties, the horse, lease period, any special requirements of the lessor and the apportionment of vet expenses is completed in the schedule. There is an edition for each State and Territory. The person initiating the lease should select the edition where he or she resides.

Once an order is received, we manually process your credit card before dispatching the version purchased by post or email.


If you want to lease a mare to breed, this contract addresses the many common contingencies and risks that can arise.  It caters for 1 breeding of the mare and then her return to the lessor.  But we can tailor the standard contract to cover unique breeding arrangements for a small extra cost.