Purpose of this contract – Sale of a horse privately or in the course of a business.

This contract gives the seller maximum protection. The buyer gives acknowledgements which can be relied on to refute any claim that the horse was not of an acceptable quality or not fit for purpose at the point of sale.  Some of these acknowledgements relate to the uncertainty associated with buying foals or young horses. If you buy the email version of this contract, we will badge it with your logo and business details at no extra cost.


Purpose of this contract – Selling a horse on a payment plan.

Selling a horse on a payment plan is risky for the seller, but the risk is managed by this contract. The seller has enforceable legal rights in the event of payment default. The risk of death or harm to the horse passes to the buyer on payment of a deposit. The contract caters for the situation where the horse stays with the seller during the payment period and where the horse leaves the seller before payment in full. In both cases, ownership of the horse does not pass to the buyer until the seller receives full payment.


Purpose of this contract – Selling a horse on behalf of its owner.

An agent should be legally appointed and authorized to sell a horse for its owner. This contract scopes the agent’s authority, sets a reserve price, fixes the agent’s commission and clarifies what fees are payable for training the horse in readiness for sale.  The seller agrees to co-operate with the agent in the sales campaign and to disclose details of any sale.

Definitions of contracts: a single use paper copy is posted to you and a multiple use copy is emailed. The email version is more expensive because you may use it more than once. Once an order is received, we will manually process your credit card before dispatching the version purchased by post or email.